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Our Story

My name is Lisa Crail and I am the owner of Zelda Jean’s.  I have 6 siblings who in some way, shape or form have inherited a creative talent from our grandmother, Zelda, and Jean, our mom.  My grandmother (known as “Mother” to the family), was quite the crafty maker.  Her calling card was “apple dolls.”  She had a meticulous talent for carving realistic facial features into an apple!  She’d then assemble a body with handcrafted clothing and real hair from her poodle!  She won awards at the Harvest Home Fair and once appeared on the Bob Braun Show in Cincinnati, Ohio (for those of you who remember ).  Anything she touched seemed to result in a beautiful work of art.  She could sew, cook, crochet, garden . . . . the list went on.

My mom, Jean’s biggest accomplishment . . .  raising us!  While she didn’t have time to actually create her own handcrafted items, she recognized each and every one of our potential talents and made sure we not only realized them, but provided opportunities to flourish with them.  Jean’s childhood claim to fame was tap dancing on the radio “back in the day.”  We grew up listening to her favorite records……Nat King Cole, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Patsy Cline, and all the other greats.  We still listen to them today. 

We, of course, couldn’t be who we are today without our Dad, Gilbert’s (Gil) influence and impeccable knack for detail, with a side of humor.  We learned to never quit, go above and beyond, be resourceful, take care of it yourself, be able to take care of yourself, don’t take crap from anyone, and duct tape fixes EVERYTHING!!  

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